Bronze- Based on learning to hit the ball with a full swing 

£35- 5 Weeks of 50 minute lessons- Maximum 8 people 

Week 1- Impact and Try-  Using a 7 iron the group will have a go at hitting the ball off a tee and off the ground. They will learn to understand how the club face direction at impact causes the ball to travel at the target or away from it. With professional demonstration they will also understand how to lift the ball in the air correctly and why the ball may curve in its flight.


Week 2- Learn to grip and aim correctly- Using a 7 iron the group will learn how to hold the club correctly and how by doing this the club-face will arrive at impact squarely to the target. The group will also learn how to aim at different targets effectively.


Week 3- Learn the importance of posture- The group will discover how setting up in the correct posture and the correct distance from the ball can improve your chances of striking the ball correctly.


Week 4- Building the swing- with the knowledge of setup this lesson focusses on building a simple, repeatable golf swing that makes it easy to hit the ball.


Week 5- Using different clubs- understand how ball position changes as clubs get longer and shorter and how the length of the club effects the distance the ball travels.