Our adult group classes take place on weekday evenings.

Learning to play golf on a golf course. 

£55- 3 weeks on the Landkey Par 3 course- Maximum 4 people 

1 week of 50 minutes on an introduction to rules and etiquette
2 weeks of 1 hr 40 minutes on playing the game

Week 1- Rules and Etiquette- a session with an introduction to being on the golf course including order of play, where to stand, where to tee off and how to behave on the golf course. The group will also learn the basics of course strategy and the rules. The group will all have a go at playing some shots on the course.

Week 2- Club selection on the course and awkward lies- this lesson focusses on how to play from different slopes experienced on the golf course, how to deal with shots out of the rough and what clubs to use in what situations. 

Week 3- Playing the course- following on from last weeks lesson this session focusses on  having a go at tplaying the course. The group will use different clubs and techniques on the course they have learnt in the bronze and silver packages so that they are able to play golf competently and build up confidence.