At Portmore Golf Park we pride ourselves on having a successful Junior section.

Junior Golfers are the future of the game and we have experienced a lot of success over the years. Junior Group coaching takes place at Portmore Golf Academy all year round.

Coaching takes place on Saturdays from 9am in 50 minutes sessions.

Price - £20 for 5 weeks coaching- 8 Maximum per Group

Coaching sessions are conducted on all aspects of the game so that children can enjoying trying out all the aspects of golf.

  • Driving
  • Wedges 
  • Fairway Woods
  • Pitching
  • Hybrids
  • Chipping
  • Long Irons
  • Bunker Shots
  • Mid Irons
  • Putting
  • Short Irons
  • Course management
  • Awkward Lies

There are four weeks of coaching techniques followed by a skills challenge which is held on the fifth Saturday for all the Juniors. This is a fun way to challenge themselves, see their progress and build confidence as a result.

Golf Access

During the Spring and Summer months some coaching sessions take place on the Landkey par 3 course. This gives the Junior golfers a chance to measure their improvement by taking part in the Golf Access system which gives them an opportunity to gain personal certificates and wrist bands as rewards as they progress.

Once a junior has achieved a handicap they can play in competitions at Portmore and also represent the club in Junior League matches against other local golf clubs.