At Portmore Golf Academy we believe that modern technology can play a significant role in improving your golf. There are various types of technology used during the lessons.

Flightscope Launch Monitor: 

A Flightscope X2 is a state of the art golf ball Launch Monitor.

The Flightscope turns coaching golf into an exact science which means faster improvement for you as a golfer.

Many of the top players and coaches in the world use one to turn theory into fact. The Flightscope identifies club face angle at impact to the nearest degree along with swing path, club head and ball speed and angle of attack into the ball. Creating the correct impact factors is the key to controlling the golf ball and improving your golf game.

Analyzr Golf Professional Swing Software:

Analyzr swing software is a tool that allows you to view your golf swing in slow motion. Using this technology helps you to further understand visually how you can improve any aspect of your game. 

Your golf swing can be compared side by side with a tour professional or side by side with your swing from past lessons.

The key with all of the technology is to use it to create simple but effective improvements that help you to understand your golf game more easily and increase your desire to play and practise your golf more.