TOPTRACER Driving Range

Toptracer Range, the ball-tracing technology used on televised golf tournaments to track the shots of the game’s best players, is transforming the everyday driving range and is now available at Portmore Golf Park.

The Toptracer Range at Portmore Golf Park, uses the very latest laser technology to track where your golf ball will travel so instead of just hitting balls and attempting to judge the distance by eye, our state-of-the-art facility allows you to analyse your game, gives you accurate yardages on every shot, shows you your shot trajectory and ball speed, and lets you ‘virtually’ play points games and master some of the most famous and challenging courses the world over.

The Toptracer Range at Portmore Golf Park features modes and games suited for all ages whether you're an experienced player looking for some serious practice, or a complete novice of any age looking for laughter and fun. 


24 Balls

Members - £2.50
Non-Members - £3.00

48 Balls

Members - £4.50
Non-Members - £6.00

96 Balls

Members - £8.50
Non-Members - £10.50

120 Balls

Members - £10.50
Non-Members - £12.50